charlou music

The young duo depict an electronic journey through the unknown. Elements from Vaporstep and Avantdark mixed with impulsive synthpop
melodies. Repetitive rhythms, profound lyrics and spherical singing culminate in delirios states.

The two artists originate from the Lübeck psychedelic / rock band "Maudite" and formed a completely new project at the end of 2017.
The basic building blocks of the composition were created in Lapland and found its final touches in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck. A journey
that can lead to reflection or complete ecstasy.

"We do not want to follow a trend, but create works, because the trend as a phase is transient, but the music remains as a work."
Pelle Parr (Composer/Producer/Pianist)

"We do not see ourselves as musicians, rather we use this medium as a valve and expression of our emotions "
Lennart Pantarhei (Vocals/Lyrics)